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Dec 31, 2014
This homepage receives year 12.
The review that corresponded to the current state was done.

You are welcome to JD1BLK Ogasawara Site.

     This homepage introduces ham radio activities in Ogasawara of JD1BLK/JM1LJS.

     Though it is the outline, I'm operating it from Ogasawara about once a year.  It is May, 2003 that I acquired the first personal big license in Ogasawara.  After that, many ham radio operators share my radio equipments, and a big license is acquired.

     As for the operation from recent Ogasawara, that 1/3 is 1kW operation.  It can be taken out by Japanese law like JM1LJS/JD1 only 50W output operation by the portable operation.  But, it takes much time to acquire the call sign of Ogasawara like fixed station as JD1BLK.  Then, ham radio operater must get over the more expensive hurdle of the governmental station check to acquire a big license.

     But, radio equipment can be shared in Japan.  Then, this is decided by Japanese law.  In other words, if someone acquires the big license of 1kW output, other ham radio operators can acquire the big license by using that radio equipments.  Then, station check by the government is unnecessary in case of that.

     Yes, I opened that way.  Recently, you will listen to many big signalsl of JD1 call signs.  All that operation uses VL-1000 which I put on Ogasawara's hotel of Sakaiura Family.