Updated & Next Palau Trip, etc.
Oct 29, 2009
Log Search Updated.
     T80W log search updated.  You can find Oct 2010 QSOs.

     By the way, this result is the following.


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Next Palau Trip.

T80W is NOT member of the JARL Beaure
     All QSLs of T80W operated in end of 2008 was issued to JARL beaure.  And, T80W seceded JARL beaure in 2008.  Therefore, the QSL issue of T80W operated after 2009 is only DIRECT.


Welcome to T80W Homepage !!
Mar 26, 2006
Thanks for your call !!
     T80W is Special Callsign for IMPAC Palau Rental Shack of West Plaza by the Sea Hotel.  Whenever I go to Palau, I'm going to apply for this callsign: T80W.  However, it is not certain whether it is accepted.  The one letter suffix callsign (T80*) is special callsign of recognition called a group callsign (for group operation) in Palau.  It is not given as a personal callsign in principle.  Why could I accept this callsign?  That is because it is dependent on the number of times of voyage to my Palau.  The number of times of voyage to my Palau is already 12 times.  And I applied for the license of T80W on the occasion of the 10th Palau voyage.

     My reason for T80W application is very easy.  "OH2BH/Martte has obtained T80A by the first Palau voyage.  I have already come to Palau 10 times.  If I can't acquire the callsign of T80*, I am groundless in Japan. Please think about my special callsign."  As for me, the license of T80W was accepted by this explanation.

     Probably, you understood now.  If you want to obtain a personal special callsign in Palau, you should go to Palau over 10 times.  Please don't ask me for the idea which obtains a personal special callsign.  T80* will be accepted if it applies into a group (2,3,4... members).  It isn't the callsign given to an individual.

     And when I can't accept T80W from now on, I will operate by my personal callsign T88LJ.  The callsign of T80* is only local issuance.  When my voyage is decided suddenly, I may lose the timing which applies for T80W.  

     I will upload QRV Informmation by this homepage, when there is a schedule which I operate from Palau.  Let's meet again from Palau.