Macau Licensing Information

      Pleasae read the One Point for Macau Operation before you read this page.

      You should do an application for the Macau license about 3 months ago of Macau voyage.  Various contradiction is arising when your application for the Macau license goes under that.  You will give up Macau operation when your Macau voyage already goes under 3 months.  This is a reliable prediction in my experience which a lot of questions are asked to it.

      DSRT issues the Macau license.  >DSRT homepage

1) The process of an application for the Macau radio license is the following.

As for that, it is a premise that the schedule of your Macau voyage,  A reservation for the hotel is completed and gets the permission of ham radio from the hotel are decided.

1-1) It says that your Macau voyage schedule and an application for the Macau radio license are done by E-mail.
1-2) After that, you should tell the DSRT "E-mail was sent." over the telephone.  DSRT will find your mail when the date and time that you sent E-mail is introduced.  If you don't do contact over the telephone, your E-mail will be buried in spam mails.
1-3) E-mail will be received from a charge of the DSRT.  You send application document to DSRT by EMS (DHL, FedEX...etc...) in accordance with those directions.
1-4) There will be "An application form was received." and contact from the DSRT by E-mail.  And, the DSRT applies for the IMPORT PERMIT of your radio equipment to the customs.  You wait for a while.
1-5) The IMPORT PERMIT is mailed at your home from the DSRT.  You have the radio equipment which is effective in the Macau radio license acquisition, and you can enter Macau with your equipment.  At this time, the detailed regulation document of Macau may be enclosed.
1-6) You enter Macau, and set up all the antennas in the hotel when it applies for the Macau radio license promptly.  If the connection of the radio equipment and all the antennas is completed and there is no problem, go to the DSRT.
1-7) You sign the formal application form in DSRT.  Then, you exchange the nearby bank, and pay the Macau radio license fee by Macau currency (Pataca/MOPI).
1-8) Then, it is the STATIION CHECK check soon.  You come back to the hotel promptly, and wait for arrival of the DSRT staffs.  They surely come in the designated time.  Then, the STATION CHECK is mostly finished in 30 minutes.  When the STATION CHECK is finished, you will be given the Macau license.  Congratulations !
2) The document which necessary application for the Macau radio license.

[ Standard ]
2-1) Copy of your passport of the photo page.
2-2) Copy of your home license.
2-3) Your two photo by passport size.
2-4) The hotel name and address, telephone number which got the permission of ham radio.

[ Equipment ]

2-5) Show the serial number of your equipment.
2-6) Copy of the pages which shows the specifications of your equipment and  size of your equipment by equipment users manual.

[ Antennas ]
2-7) Copy of the pages with shows the specifications of your antenna by setup manual.
2-8) And, the dimensional drawing of the antenna.

[ Remarks ]
2-9) When more than one radio are used, that is necessary to all the radios.  Of course, antennas are so, too.
2-10) You can't obtain the formal application form of Macau.  That is being written in Chinese and Portuguese.  The DSRT staff writes this for you.  it is because, you can't read the formal application form.  You go to the DSRT, and you only sign the formal application form.
2-11) Pay the Macau radio license fee after you arrive at Macau.  That payment must be the Macau currency (Pataca/MOPI).  It is no Hong Kong dollars.  Both neighbors of DSRT are banks.  The bank where the DSRT staff can exchange is told to you.  You should walk, and go for exchange.  Then, the STATION CHECK is done after you pay the Macau license fee.  That is probably about 70 US dollars.
3) DSRT Address.
[ Address was changed:  Av. da Praia Grande, 789-1 ---> Av. da Praia Grande, 789-795 ]

This can be found from the DSRT homepage .

Address: DSRT
Application for the Ham Radio License
Av. da Praia Grande, 789-795, 3rd Floor, Macau

TEL:  +853 - 83969166  FAX:  +853 - 28356328

That is Mr. Iam if a charge of DSRT is the same as former times.  He is very kind, and shows ideas.

[ OLD, OLD, OLD ! ]
Incidentally, the right is 789-1.
Probably, there is no DSRT office here now.

It is probably this neighborhood though a map will be made when I go Macau next time.

      The information which I know is only this. If it has sufficient time by your voyage, you will be QRV from Macau.