One Point for Macau Operation

      I have already answered the questions of more than ten hams in the world.  But, it was the one only person that succeeded QRV from Macau.  I think that these percentages probably decrease from now on, too.

      Some points which you do QRV from Macau succeed in are explained.

1) Hotel information for ham radio.

I don't have a information for the hotel where ham radio is permitted in Macau now.  Then, I don't know a Chinese ham of Macau, and don't have association with the travel agency in Macau as well.

The HOTEL ROYAL where I operated 3 times is prohibition of a ham radio now.  I don't have the next candidate area at present.  You should look for a hotel by yourself.
2) DSRT issues the Macau radio license.

In Macau, after your ham radio stationl is set up, the STATION CHECK is done by the DSRT independently.  Then, if all the antennas doesn't stand, the STATION CHECK can't be done.

The contents of the STATION CHECK are the confirmation of the serial number of the radio, the confirmation of the transmitting output and the transmitting tests of SSB by the DSRT staffs.  Interference isn't confirmed with my experience.  But, I don't have that at the guarantee that it isn't done.  Then, the DSRT does picture-taking with all the radio equipment and all the antennas.

After you arrive at the hotel of Macau, you build all the antennas promptly, and set up all the radio equipment, and and you must tell "STATINO CHECK is ready." thing to the DSRT.

In other words, you can't say all lies.  You can't acquire the Macau call sign if you are afraid of the STATION CHECK of the DSRT.

The Macau radio license is never sent to you by mailing.  It is because, you can't acquire the Macau radio license if STATION CHECK isn't passed.
3) At least 4 months are necessary so that you may acquire Macau radio license.

In other words, when 4 months are being cut, as for that, your action becomes useless efforts.

When you send the Macau radio license application form to the DSRT, at first they apply for the IMPORT PRTMIT to the customs.  Import permission can't issue the DSRT.  The customs issue that.  This issue takes time for about 2 months.  Then, the DSRT will mail the IMPORT PERMIT issued by the customs to you.

You can't bring the radio equipment with no the IMPORT PERMIT into Macau.  Even if you can bring that, the STATION CHECK of that radio equipment can't be done without the IMPORT PERMIT.

You may have been able to understand that time for 4 months is absolutely necessary by this explanation.  Next, it is explained why that is necessary for 4 months.
4) The Macau radio license is the FIXED STATION.

Though there is the mobil license, you set up to equipment in the car, and you must take the STATION CHECK.  Or, do you put batteries in FT-817, and take the STATION CHECK in the whip antenna?  What therefore do you though that is possible?

It can be operating only in the place to enforce the STATION CHECK. It is because, the Macau radio license is the FIXED STATION when it thinks realistically.  

Therefore, you must ask the permission of the ham radio and the permission of the antennas set up in the hotel before you do an application for the Macau radio license.  Probably, you will need it for at least 1 month for this investigation and the permission.

In other words, you are necessary for 4 months.  Do you understand?
5) You must submit the following document when you do an application for the Macau radio license to DSRT.

[ Standard ]
5-1) Copy of your passport of the photo page.
5-2) Copy of your home license.
5-3) Your two photo by passport size.
5-4) The hotel name and address, telephone number which got the permission of ham radio.

[ Equipment ]

5-5) Show the serial number of your equipment.
5-6) Copy of the pages which shows the specifications of your equipment and  size of your equipment by equipment users manual.

[ Antennas ]
5-7) Copy of the pages with shows the specifications of your antenna by setup manual.
5-8) And, the dimensional drawing of the antenna.

[ Remarks ]
5-9) When more than one radio are used, that is necessary to all the radios.  Of course, antennas are so, too.

You will notice it if you think calmly. When this application is done, you can't change radio equipment any more before your Macau voyage.  Then, you don't have the STATION CHECK taken if all the antennas which it applied for aren't set up.  It thinks about your set up time about all the antennas fully, and you must apply.
The kind of the Macau license.

I have never applied for the mobil license. That isn't known at all.

Then, I don't follow the duty which the license of this page is replaced with every time I renew the Macau radio license.

Macau is given one license about one radio.  The license of the radio is the station license.  Your callsign, hotel name, room number and  equipment detail are typed in this. Then, this license is the FIXED STATION.  In other words, you can use the license only in this hotel.

If the number of radio increases, only that costs your many license fees.

Then, you can get the operator license for operating, too.  Your photo is put and your name, license class and signature are typed in this.  And, this looks like a Japanese license very much.

When these 2 licenses are gathered, you can operating from Macau.

The Macau license given to the foreigners are the temporary license.  A term of validity is only 1 months.

XX9T** is the temporary license for the foreigners.  The call sign of Macau person is XX9**.  I don't know the case which a special call sign is given to except for the Chinese in 10 years.  That is probably impossible.

The call sign can be requested.  But, the call sign confirmed until you went to Macau in principle can't be known.

Once the Macau radio license runs out, it gets the IMPORT PERMIT again, and must acquire the Macau radio license by the STATION CHECK.

License fee includes the STATION CHECK, and it thinks to be about 70 US dollars though it isn't remembered precisely.

Station license front side

Station license back side

Operator license front side

Operator license back side
7) The Macau license class.

I was forgotten though some license classes must have been held. That is probably A class by the license of the class based on the international license with CEPT, US Extra and General class(?).  After all, your 1st Macau is probably 100W output.  A problem must not be in A class or B class.

When you receive the Macau radio license, you will be able to get copy of the detailed regulation document.  Then, that detailed regulation document isn't found now.  Sorry.
8) Why no activity on 160m, 80m and 75m in Macau?

You should have already been able to understand it mostly.

In other words, if the STATION CHECK isn't taken, QRV can not in Macau.  When it is so, it will necessarily think about the antennas set up of the high bands for the priority.  And, what do you with the STATION CHECK when inconvenience arises in the antennas of the low bands?  It is decided that no one can venture.
9) Why don't you have Taipa Island (AS-075) activity?
Is special permission in landing to the island?

You can always go to Taipa Island (AS-075) by taxi. This is a matter of only operation point. Hotels are very large (300 US dollars/day Hahaha...), and moreover the permission of ham radio is difficult. Because there are high-class hotels, antennas setup takes a limitation very much. Though I took the permission of ham radio once, it was refused in E-mail three weeks ago of the voyage. hahaha...

But, if Chinese are asked, cheap hotels seems that be, too. But, because it must think about the STATION CHECK, only a little antennas will be built in your 1st try.
10) The ham radio operators in Macau.

I have seen no one.  Then, no one knows.  I had opportunity to heard 145MHz by the satellite.  There are how many operators doing QSO on 145MHz-FM.  But, they won't understand English.  Then, someone weren't called with HF, either.  The operator of HF won't be zero.  But, there will be a few that very much.

Then, it is impossible that you ask them for help of the Macau radio license acquisition.  Think about reality.  Probably, even if it explains to 20 foreigners, about only 1 person will be able to acquire the Macau radio license.  They should have repeated that as much as they are disgusted.  Even if you can talk Chinese and send E-mail, "Give me telephone." will be only res.  Honesty, myself are disgusted at the explanation to the foreigners, too.  I have already known that the Macau radio license can't be acquired in this persons deliberation since I received E-mail.  The Macau hams doesn't want to assume the duty to repeat that permanently.
11) How to ask the Japanese ham of Hong Kong for help.

This is impossible, too.  The person who is good at Chinese is in the Japanese ham of Hong Kong, too.  They take guidance by Chinese from the Macau hams, and acquire Macau radio license.  But, these are YELLOW HUMANITY and JUSTICE.  That is Japanese with the obligation Chinese.  That Japanese can't support the acquisition of your license freely.  When it think about this method, you must notice that you can't speak Chinese.  How do you plan interchange with that Chinese hams?
12) Entry from Hong Kong to Macau.

As for me, only the route to enter Macau from Hong Kong by ship has experiences.  Therefore, I can't give it an advice about your radio equipmentl bringing when you arrive at Macau International  Airport directly.

I think that bringing of your radio equipment from the foreign countries to Hong Kong never takes indication from the customs.  But, I can't assure that.

Then, when you arrives at Macau from Hong Kong by ship, even if you have heavy bags too much, the customs won't indicate that it is opened.  "Go soon." was said to me though I tried to show the customs IMPORT PERMIT some times.  In other words, even if you don't have IMPORT PERMIT, radio equipment can be brought into Macau from Hong Kong.  But, then you can't only acquire the Macau radio license.
13) The radio equipment is left in Hong Kong.

This is possible.  Hong Kong is a free port.  It is tolerant about bringing of the radio equipment.  Then, as for the method which gets the Hong Kong license, I am outside the specialty.  I don't know.
14) The radio equipment is left in China.

Of course this is impossible.  Bringing of the radio equipment with no IMPORT PERMIT for China is prohibition.  Then, IMPORT PERMIT can't appear in the foreigner who doesn't have the Chinese license.  Please don't ask me for the agreement.  This is not Europe.  It is unacceptable to operating from Macau without knowing Asian common sense.

      I think that the person who read it here is one person to ten people.  When this is known, you should be prepare to acquire the Macau license.