T80W QSL Policy
Jun 13, 2009
T80W QSL Information


T80W is NOT member of the JARL Beaure
     All QSLs of T80W operated in end of 2008 was issued to JARLbeaure.  And, T80W seceded JARL beaure in 2008.  Therefore, the QSL issue of T80W operated after 2009 is only DIRECT.

T88LJ QSL Policy
Jun 13, 2009
The QSL Informations.

1998-1999 T88LJ Via JM1LJS
After 2000 T88LJ Via JH8DEH

T88LJ is NOT member of the JARL Beaure
     T88LJ has never become the member of JARL beaure until today.  Therefore, the QSL issue of T88LJ is only DIRECT.  JM1LJS and JH8DEH are same for this.

Log Closed
Jun 13, 2009
The following call sign was log closed.

T88KH(Dec 30,1997-Jan 4,1998)-Log Closed: Jan 31,2008

My past call sign log close at ten years.
     T80W and T88LJ are continuing the license now.  I will manage the log in the future.  However, the log closes when ten years have passed since it operated it as my principle theory, and QSL is abandoned.

     I always continue the QSL issue of the call signs of 20 and more.  I should be liberated from them soon.  If that is the time of ten years, I thinks that my complaint has a good reason.

Log Search Policy
Jun 11, 2009
The log search that I'm uploading is not on-line
      I come back to Japan, and I will update the log search in about 2 weeks.

My log search is irresponsible
     I never correct that error absolutely even if I take indication from you though there may be an error.  The reason why I am uploading the log search is to reduce the mail of the question.  You will be able to find your QSO if general QSO data are being uploaded onto WEB.

     One thinks ease that I can do it most due to a thing to explain "My log search is irresponsible."

     Let's think more halfheartedly.

     Yes, I'm JM1LJS.  I'm famous for not listening to the person's advice in Japan.