IMPAC Palau Rental Shack Latest Information
Jul 10, 2009
Guide latest information when I know the current state.
     Great maintenance of the antenna system was done in the beginning of March, 2009.  There are the following antenna compositions now.

No,1  Roof Tower ( with a roter )

Upper: 6m 5ele
Center: 17/12m 2ele HB9CV
Lower: 20/15/10m 3ele Yagi

No,2  Roof Tower ( none a roter )

Only Pole. ( It was lost 30m Loop. )

Setup of 30m loop was time out.  30m antenna will be built before long.

No,3 Roof Tower ( with a roter )

Upper: 40m RDP
Center: 80/75m RDP
Lower: 20/15/10m 2ele HB9CV

     The homepage of IMPAC Palau rental shack has not been updated.  This is because it takes time for construction, and there is no time to take the photograph of the antenna.