What is Mini Pedi?
Final update: July 26, 2008

       There is a tendency not to use for the word of "DX Pedition" if to be not the operation of more than four operatorse in Japan.  As a matter of fact, this error began in Japan several years ago.   Then, I think that this error will be corrected soon.

       Do you know?   When it is operated from the foreign countries, SWL of one operator uses the word of DX Pedition in England of the English-speaking country.   I read that bulletin as a member of the CDXC of the traditional ham radio club., and knew that fact.  

       In other words, if they are not more than four people, the Japanese local rule not to say "DX Pedition" is a mere error.   But, it entails risk that I who is a Japanese say this assertion in Japanese for that.   So, I use the word of Mini Pedi by the Japanese CQ magazine, and make that permeate.   Almost Japanese just says "DX Pedition" as "Pedi" though I think that "Small DX Pedition" is more suitable if I expresses it in English.   I think about this balance, and express "Small DX Pedition" with "Mini Pedi", and make that permeate.

       I think this idea which I make filter secretly in Japan effect to appear little by little.   Now, three operation words of "DX Pediton", "DX Vacation" and "DX holiday" are being used in Japan.   Though I don't think that my interpretation is wrong, a difference in "DX Pedition", "DX Vacation" = "DX Holiday" will be probably confirmed by the operator's consciousness

       Then, as for me, the matter that it has speech control in Japan by the selfish analysis, has only tired.

       So, I propose it to everyone as a word of the copyright free "Mini Pedi" that use from now on.   The consciousness which it operates wisely of even if the meaning of Mini Pedi is one person or they are two person or they are three person is expressed.   Then, Mini-Pedi is the word which specially expresses the consciousness of indifference about the DX critic, too.   The operator of the English-speaking world is to let this word popular, please.

       Anyway, if it isn't pleasant, it is not radio operation.   Let's enjoy "Mini Pedi" with all.   See you again from Wallis Island (OC-054) and Upolu Island (OC-097), Samoa.