Upolu Island (OC-097), Samoa Mini Pedi Report
Final update: Apr 22, 2009

  I want to try to go to the Samoa again though a stay in Samoa was a short time. Samoa was a comfortable place for me.


  I will surely have an overcharge taken here if you have a radio and antennas though it is the overcharge of Air Pacific.  The Air Pacific is a severe airline about the overcharge.  But, that isn't so large as that.  Anyway, because a distance is near, it won't change with the overcharge of the general domestic flight.


  We stayed at AIRPORT LODGE reserved on the Internet with Apia.
As for this hotel, there is no television in each room. That was very convenient for us.  As for this hotel, rooms are two, beds are four. It was the hotel where it got along easily in low price.

  The Samoa license is issued here.  It will be found comparatively easily because it is located along the sea of the street of Apia.

  Even Samoa used Giboshi Diople for 30m to 10m bands.  A pole is made to go along the coconut tree, and Giboshi Diople is raised at that top.

Left: Vertical for 40m.

  After all, it opened in Samoa from 40m to 17m only.  Condition was very bad. But, only this is inevitable.

Under: 5W's Shack

  IC-7000 and IC-706MkIIG were used from Samoa.  The condition of Samoa was worse than Wallis, and we repeated long time CQing.

               Left: 5W1SA "Atsuo"
               Center: 5W0MJ(JA3RAF) "Junihi"
               Right: 5W0HH(JM1LJS) "Hide"

  5W1SA "Atsuo" visited the AIRPORT LODGE.  The 5W1 prifix is permitted only him.  And, the 1kW output power license is permitted only him in Samoa, too.  Incidentally, the tourist license is 200W output power limitation and and the 5W0 prifix is assigned to it.

  I was related to the license acquisition from "Atsuo" before the voyage to Samoa, and I took much advice.  We could acquire licenses smoothly by his kindness.

  Anyway the sea was beautiful, and there were many churches in Samoa.  Then, the Samoa's people were kind, and public order was good, too, and we could enjoy a trip confidently.  I think that there is a near future "Next Samoa" certainly.  Samoa was the country which wanted to come again for me.