Wallis Island (OC-054) Mini Pedi Report
Final update: Apr 21, 2009

    It was only 2 persons that though we came back from Wallis, asked the advice to do QRV from Wallis to me.  Because one person was 5W1SA/Atsuo, a letter was only received from one Japanese substantially before long.  This isn't interested in Wallis for the Japanese, but it may be because it thought that a try to Wallis was only difficult.

   Actually, a try to Wallis Island isn't so difficult.  Though English was hardly understood to Wallis, I was made that, and there was no problem, either.  Even if I can't speak French, the owner of the hotel can speak English.  An order is decided to be made only of English after all because the owner of the hotel takes it to the restaurant, too.

   You take a vacation for two weeks, and you have only to go for Wallis more comfortably.  Anyway, you should think about a method to go to Fiji or New Caledonia.  If that is possible, you will be able to ride on the airplane of Aircalin for Walls.

   The airplane of Aircalan for Wallis is big more than I thought of it.  Before an airplane flies and passes, it won't need to pray to God.  Then, if an airplane is big, a big antenna will notice that it can go according to the excess charge, too.

  Then, small fire noise occurred in this in the Nandy international airport when we flew to Wallis though it was a digression.  Honesty, we were impatient.  Is there a guarantee which will surely fly tomorrow if an airplane doesn't fly today? Though we felt uneasy and full, there was no problem after all, and it was on schedule.

  This is Wallis Airport.  A taxi and a bus are not in Wallis island.  When an airplane arrives, all meet it like this.

  Our baggage is this degree. It was about 70kg with 2 persons.  We reached it at last to Wallis without an excess charge somehow.

Back: FW1Z(JA3RAF) "Junichi

  The post office and tele-communication are in the same site in Wallis  This tele-communication issues a license.  Center: FW1Z(JA3RAF) "Junichi"

  There are only three hotels in Wallis.  It is L'ALBATROS that we stayed.  It sticks to the ham radio, and this hotel is very understanding.

  Most QSO was done by this Giboshi Diople. From 30m to 10m bands are covered only with this dipole.

  This is the 40m Vertical.
  A tentative result could get it.

  This is the 6m 4ele.
  It was no QSO after all.

  This is the FW1W's Shack. Two little desks in the side of the bed were used.  It was the combination of IC-7000 plus Tokyo Hy-Power HL-450B.  Center: FW1W(JM1LJS) "Hide"

  Though it was a digression, there was a problem in packing of the baggage, and a Paddle was such condition, and strained nerves in the CW operation.

  This is the FW1Z's Shack.  IC-706-MkIIG was used.

  As for first Wallis, it was very satisfactory for us even in not so condition.

  I will have to answer your doubt by one.  Though I was surprised, too, we issued one letter suffix forgiven.  I used a special technique, but I was just only requested a call sign of the letter.  That had one letter suffix and two two letter suffix.  I thought that I was ignored one letter suffix.  But, that one letter suffix was done as to the license.  If, can this call sign go on when I go to Wallis again?  I don't know that.

  An impression of the L'ALBATROS is written at the end.  As for this hotel, famous DX Peditioner OH2BH's group and G3TXF's group were operated, too.  A site is large, and the full size Diople of 80m can be built. To be anxious only about one is that it felt a doubt with the performance of Vertical.  Probably, I think that ground resistance is not so good.  You will have to choose a dipole in the antenna of low bands.